EMN can help you make the right decision about your health

Expert Medical Navigation recognizes that when you are faced with a difficult decision regarding any surgery, medication or other major health concern, deciding what to do and who to trust can be overwhelming and frightening. Online sources are hard to navigate and may not offer the right information tailored to your own medical condition. And despite their best efforts, your family doctor often may not have the ability to comment on a specialist’s recommendation, and may simply say, “you are in good hands.” But are you?

For many health conditions, more than one treatment is medically acceptable. A physician or specialist may recommend one option over another based on their personal preference, individual skill, or relationship with a medical facility, drug or medical device company. That recommendation, however, may not align with your personal preference, values, or family and work situation. Moreover, you may be affected by the misdiagnosis, errors and unnecessary testing that remain a major problem in our healthcare system.

Have confidence in the care you receive

When you turn to EMN for guidance on your medical condition, you receive access to top tier physicians and the most up-to-date evidence based medical practices, clinical research and collaborative decision making techniques. EMN physicians are academically and professionally respected, and have significant experience in the conditions on which they advise. As independent medical advisors, they can help you understand your options and provide unbiased advice on what is best for your needs.

EMN’s physicians are complemented by a robust set of electronic patient decision aids that help you understand your personal preferences and medical situation so that treatment information can be tailored to your specific needs. You can share this with your primary care physician to ensure your care team is fully informed on your preferences and options.

Lia MacEachern, RN: EMN’s Director of Patient Support

A Personal Message to Patients

How can you ensure you are making the right decision and getting the best care?

Expert Medical Navigation can help. Your diagnosis and treatment options should not be a mystery or guess work. Our world-class physicians will work with you and your doctor to understand options to help you decide with confidence. EMN can help you get the right treatment.

Patient Testimonials

Listen to Elizabeth’s first-hand experience using EMN’s software

“My surgeon said I needed a hernia repair. Realizing that many men undergo hernia repairs, my surgeon talked about different kinds of meshes and techniques, preshaped vs. flat, etc. I was clueless. Was one better than the other? Expert Medical Navigation gave me access to all of the patient videos and articles that helped me understand more about hernia meshes and the various surgical techniques. I was also able to speak to one of their medical experts. This process helped quite a bit and gave me the confidence to comfortably book my surgery. Today I am feeling terrific.”

—  Steve D.

“I went to a vascular specialist who told me that I had varicose veins and needed major surgery. It turned out that I did not need any surgery whatsoever. Expert Medical Navigation explained it all to me. Imagine that.”

—  Carol R.

“My orthopedic surgeon told me that my x-rays showed that I had osteoarthritis of my knee and this was the reason I was experiencing so much pain. He suggested different ways to manage my pain. Cortisone injections, anti-inflammatory medications, physical therapy and oxycodone. It was so confusing and each time I questioned my doctor, you could see he was rushed to get to the next patient. I was confused and needed time to make the right decision. I took the prescription for pain but did not fill it. My friend told me about Expert Medical Navigation. Once I logged in, I read up on knee pain, how to manage it, all about surgery, anesthesia and other information. At my second appointment, I asked my doctor if I was a candidate for a knee replacement because the pain was too intense. At that point he ordered an MRI of the knee. Now, after my surgery, I am walking like a teenager thanks to the information I received from Expert Medical Navigation. Thank you so much.”

—  Linda K.

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