• Get Recognized as a Patient Advocate

    Dr. Ibrahim Eid notes, “Expert Medical Navigation is all about advocacy – on all fronts. EMN empowers the physician and their patients through education. We provide your patients with full access to clinically sound education that will help them make the right decision about their treatment based on your diagnosis. We remove all patient frustration through education.”

    EMN recognizes that you have an extremely busy practice that includes many daily challenges just too numerous to list. EMN recognizes that it is virtually impossible for any physician to devote their time answering patient questions about their diagnoses, and surgical/interventional procedures. That is why we ask you to allow EMN to become an "extension" of your practice. Having EMN on your team translates into positive patient outcomes and a reduction of health care costs.

  • Allow EMN To Help Your Patients Make Better Treatment Choices Easily and Comfortably in their Own Homes

    EMN’s software platform technology is smart and easy to navigate. EMN supports health advocacy by identifying what knowledge a patient lacks when facing important treatment decisions, and matching them with the right information and the right physician advocate. It’s like having a doctor in the family. Policy makers want to see more widespread use of shared decision making efforts to help control costs and promote patient engagement among other things; EMN aims to accomplish these goals by making shared decision making a seamless experience for everyone concerned.

    Founded by an renowned vascular surgeon and supported by a medical advisory team of international leaders experienced in all nuances of general medicine, and all medical specialty areas, including diagnostic testing, interventional medicine and nursing, EMN brings its team’s years of experience directly to you.

  • Boost Your Image Through Advocacy

    Dr. Ibrahim Eid states, “Engaging the patient to be proactive in making the right choices about their health can result in a significant reduction in health care costs. Statistics show that up to 30% of surgeries are unnecessary. Furthermore, with the new governmental regulations, physicians are working harder with little gratification.”

    Doctor, you chose to be a practicing physician with all good intentions. However, with the clutter and the demands you face everyday, like many physicians you may be faced with seeing too many patients in one day, which does not allow you to spend the time answering the many questions that your patients may have about their diagnoses. This situation is not going to change. But that does not mean you have to stop providing answers to their questions. Dr. Eid notes, “Do we have your attention now? What if we could show you how we can help your patients make the right decisions about their care without compromising your professional integrity and more?” EMN can prevent your practice from hemorrhaging. To date, thousands of patients are signing in to our platform, accessing up-to-the-minute clinically sound education and videos. The bottom line is that EMN can take your patients from diagnosis, to treatment, to after care through a simplified and streamlined process. All of this translates into positive patient satisfaction surveys!

  • Protect Your Practice from Liability

    The EMN platform is HIPAA compliant and all patient activity is logged. Our reports can be added to your patient’s record, highlighting the effort you take to educate them with third party content. This is particularly important for specialists performing elective procedures. Whether you are an orthopedic surgeon, an Interventional Cardiologist, a Neurosurgeon, an Oncologic surgeon, or any specialist performing invasive work, you will meet the highest transparency standards by including our survey and educational content in your informed consent process.

    More Benefits

    • Increase your CAHPS patient experience score and climb up to higher tiers
    • We invite you to join our consultant panel in an effort to help reshape the way we should practice medicine while engaging the patient to be proactive. By joining our consultant panel you can increase your income by providing advocacy sessions through the EMN platform.
    • Incorporate your patient education materials into your practice support portal
    • No burden to your staff
    • Qualify for the EMN profit sharing pool
  • Participating in an ACO

    With our platform, your practice or group will meet ACO requirements for patient-centric care. According to the Cochrane Collaborative, education-based decision aids have been shown to decrease elective procedures by 20%. This makes our platform ideal for medical groups in risk contracts where specialty work is provided by outside specialists.

  • Join the EMN Consultant Panel and Benefit from Increasing Your Practice Income

    If you are a specialist who enjoys patient contact and communication, you will love working with EMN. As an EMN specialist, you will counsel patients looking at surgical interventions in your specialty. Furthermore, EMN’s services have attracted many public and private employers who are utilizing our services as a way to improve patient care and limit excessive interventions. Our encounters are educational not therapeutic, and patients are selected for you from outside your geographic area with no conflict of interest.

  • EMN Invites You To Become an EMN Consultant

    EMN invites you to learn more about how you can become an EMN consultant and be added to our panel of distinguished medical leaders. For additional information, email EMN at info@exmednav.com.